How to eat healthy around the holidays?

holiday eating
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Ah, the holidays are coming… holidays is a real-time to test your healthy routine that you are trying to build, tweak and refine from the year. Many people get terrified in a holiday season that they might spoil their healthy routines and their all progress that they earned hardly.

But in these holidays, instead of ruin your healthy habits, let’s find with me some fabulous ways to nourish your bodies. So you can have a lot of fun at holiday celebrations and can be healthy too.

Eat Regularly

Eat regularly before the day of the party so you will have less room to eat more at the party. Keep eating small meals regularly throughout the day. It will keep you safe from overeating at the event.

Stay hydrated

Staying hydrated suppress sugar craving, and it also prevents overeating. Whenever you notice a yearning for the junk foods; diverge your feeling to drink one full glass of water. Then evaluate your feelings before going to the treat.

Use the small plate

Many studies show that people try to fill their plates without considering the size of plates. So, always choose the small plate to avoid overeating.

Start with the simple food

First fill your plate with the vegetables, green salad, fruits, and with lean meats. If there are a lot of other yummy dishes which are high in calories, taste those dishes in the end. There are chances, after filling with the healthy food, you will no longer be able to eat other high calories dishes a lot.

Limit the use of alcohol

When you go to the party, always start with the non-alcoholic and low calories drinks such as diet soda and sparkling water. It will help to quench your thirst in place of alcoholic beverages.

Wait for 10 minutes

When you have eaten a small plate of healthy foods, wait for at least 10 minutes. This will give time to your brain in which it will send a signal to your stomach if it is full. After that 10 minute wait, your craving of hunger will be satisfied.

Do those activities which do not include foods:

Take a few family members with you and take a walk around the neighborhood. Do some other activities such as playing football, or engage them in the board game. Take your focus away from the food.

Socialize away from food

When you are standing at the party and talking with others, try to stand apart from the food. It will also prevent you from overeating.

Always eat mindfully

Taste each bite. Put the fork down between bites. Keep your focus on the savor, and enjoy when you are eating.

It is easy to start eating healthy foods in an excessive amount. You can think that this is a portion of healthy food so it will always be good for you. But keep in mind, getting too many healthy foods can also be just as bad for you as eating unhealthy foods.

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